Carl Mayotte Band

It's been two years now that in an outburst of extreme creativity I decided to set up my group, see even, my baby. Formed above all to help me to bring out the many compositions I had in mind and play them, the project has become so much more. Reunited under endless energy, a groove that transports and a love of music without equal, we have become friends and accomplices in music. I'm preparing my album for fall 2019. Co-directed by Michel Cusson, the music that will be on this first opus will be a mix of fusion of the 1970s, jazz and joy. We have just won the Grand Prix de la Relève 2019 of the Festi Jazz de Rimouski.

Nouvelle R

Formed in 2015, Nouvelle R is a jazz and world music trio. Compose of Sylvain St-Onge on guitar, Carl Mayotte on electric bass and Olivier Bussières on percussion, these three enthusiasts compose, arrange and interpret musical pieces while striving to develop a new, warm and energetic sound. Their debut album, L'emporte-pièce, released in the fall of 2015, is characterized by a love of creation and new sounds that the group strives to transfer to the public. The album is in a way a journey through various sound universes. Textures that are both born of the American style and the oriental traditions, the calm and imaginative music of the group will transport you to the liking of lyrical and endearing melodies. They released in 2018 Sénéscence, their second album, concept album on the relationship between man and the planet that welcomes him.


De Si Belles is a vocal trio, Sandrine Thibault, Jeanne Laforest and Delphine Bertrand 
and a bass player, the extravagant Carl Mayotte, sometimes accompanied by percussionist Olivier Bussières. 

De Si Belles is jazz, Québec, French (and Belgian!) songs adapted in the group's sensitive and sensational style. De Si Belles is an active group since 2012 that performs in jazz nights as well as outdoor shows, festivals and private events. 

Si Belles knows how to highlight current songs that are dear to you.

Triton Trio

It is through classical music, pop or jazz that the trio of musicians formed by Gabriel Cyr, Carl Mayotte and Edouard Desaulniers manages to share his emotions with the public. Each character is endowed with a strong and singular personality in this great musical performance on a guitars and basses backdrop. Never far from exaggeration, their show takes the path of often very wacky skits. 

Formed in 2012, Triton Trio is the project of three students from the Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy. After winning the local Cégep's final that same year, the trio recidivates in 2013 winning the National Final thanks to a mix of film pieces. Their breathtaking performance, theatrical staging and original arrangements earned them the first Desjardins Prize, the Vue sur la Relève Award and a participation in the Belfort International Festival of University Music in France. Since then, a show has been created with various musical skits tinged with humor that they are travelling across Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

Duet with Singer

For several years now, I have been playing duet with several female and male singers. This allows me to show a different side of the bass by using it as an instrument that can play the role of bass, guitar and drums at the same time. Furthermore, this kind of set fits well with several types of events. From corporate parties, ambience dinners to jazz concerts.