Beginning to play bass in several events and bars in the Quebec region at the age of 16, I have sailed these past years through different styles and musical universes, while traveling my art through Quebec and several times in France. I also got the chance to play with many artists and musical bands of all kinds, from Bruno Pelletier to several Europe’s Big Bands, while completing a Technical program at Notre-Dame de Foy Campus, a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Interpretation at Laval University and a Master's degree from the Jazz Faculty of McGill University. These studies allowed me, among other things, to grow as a musician and especially as an arranger and composer. I developed techniques that allow me to make musical arrangements to make a living, wether it was for symphonic orchestra for Chloé St-Marie, choirs of the Quebec City area or for producing  more than five albums in the last five years, including Sénescence from the Nouvelle R group released in 2018, and my last opus: Fantosme, an album that was co-directed with the great Michel Cusson in 2019. This album has led me to win Radio-Canada Jazz Revelation in 2020 and to be a nominee at Premier Gala de l'ADISQ 2020 in the category Jazz Album of the year.  


In solo or co-produced: 

Nouvelle R - L’emporte-pièce (2015) 
Marie-Claire Linteau - 60/40 (2016) 
De si Belles - De si Belles (2018) 
Nouvelle R - Sénéscence (2018) 

Carl Mayotte Quintet - Fantosme (2019) 

As a sideman: 

Rosemary Mc-Comeau - Appelez-moi George (2016) 
Simon Kearney - Pop'n'roll (2019)
Ensemble Frédéric Hébert - L'aube (2020)