Beginning to play in several events and bars in the Quebec region at the age of 16, I have sailed these past years through different styles and musical universes. Traveling with my art through Quebec, and several times in France, and playing with many artists and musical bands of all kinds, from Bruno Pelletier to several Europe’s Big Bands. Through these adventures, I completed a Technical program at Notre-Dame de Foy Campus, a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Interpretation at Laval University and a Master's degree from the Jazz Faculty of McGill University. These studies allowed me, among other things, to make me grow as a musician and especially as an arranger and composer. Techniques that allow me to make musical arrangements to make a living. Be it arrangements for symphonic orchestra for Chloé St-Marie, choirs of the Quebec City area or for producing and producing more than 5 albums in the last 5 years, including Sénescence, from the Nouvelle R group released in 2018, and my upcoming opus: Fantosme, an album that was co-directed with the great Michel Cusson. This album have led me to win Radio Canada Jazz Revelation in 2020


In solo or co-produced: 

-Nouvelle R- L’emporte-pièce (2015) 
-Marie-Claire Linteau- 60/40 (2016) 
-De si Belles- De si Belles (2018) 
-Nouvelle R- Sénéscence (2018) 

-Carl Mayotte-Le Fantosme (2019) 

As a Sideman: 

-Rosemary Mc-Comeau- Appelez-moi George (2016) 

-Simon Kearney-Pop'n'roll (2019)

- Ensemble Frédéric Hébert-L'aube (2020)