Hello to all,

It is with great pleasure and immense honor that I present to you this mini-film made with the Session de salon team featuring the music from my album Escale. What is very unique with this video, besides the unparalleled visual quality, is that it contains a rarely heard musical mix between a kanun, an electric bass and percussion in a jazz context. I wish you a good listening and remind you that I am playing with this set at the Warwick Culture House tomorrow.

Thanks to Didem Başar, Olivier Bussieres, Alexis Tremblay, Mathieu Materio, Alexy Guérant and all the other people who worked from near or far on this little masterpiece.

Adisq 2022

So happy to announce that Escale won yesterday the award for best jazz album of the year at ADISQ. It's just so unreal and I have no words to describe how moved I am. I'm not alone behind this album and that's why I'd like to thank everyone who worked from near and far on this!!! A big special thank you to my parents and my family for their unfailing and constant support. To my friends for being who they are!! Finally to my girlfriend who inspires me and whom I admire!!

Special thanks to Analekta, Darkglass Electronics and D'Addario and Co.

Gamiq 2022

Good news!!! Escale is nominated for the GAMIQ 2022 for jazz album of the year. Seriously what an honor and I would like to say thank you to everyone who worked on this album.

Olivier Bussieres, Didem Başar, Lévy Bourbonnais, Antoine Baril, Philip Gosselin, my better half Geneviève Leblanc Villumsen, Damien-Jade Cyr, Jean-Michel Leblanc Olivier Guertin, Antoine Proulx, Guy Bergeron and my amazing record label Analekta.

See you on November 27

ADISQ 2022


Thanks to all the people who worked on this album:

Olivier Bussieres, Didem Başar, Damien-Jade Cyr, Jean-Michel Leblanc, Lévy Bourbonnais, Antoine Proulx, Antoine Baril, Philip Gosselin, young volunteer projects, Guy Bergeron and to the best blonde in the world Geneviève Leblanc!!!

Thanks to my record company Analekta without whom nothing would be possible.

Unveiling November 2, 2022

Autumn 2022 concerts

After a wonderful summer playing everywhere, here are the project's concert dates for the fall of 2022. Notably, this will be the first series of concerts outside Quebec with the quintet. YOUPPY!!!!

Can't wait to come and electrify you with jazz fusion this fall!!

More details in the concerts section

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