summer tour 2022

Here is the list of concerts I'm doing this summer for my project in quintet, trio or solo. Quebec will be on fire this summer!!!! It will be a series of concerts for my album Escale

Hope to see you there!

Live session

Now that the album is out, here is a little live session that we shot last January at Lachapelle Spectacle with my friends Francis Grégoire and Stéphane Chamberland. I present to you Winter, a sweet play written in a month of February in the middle of a storm.

New album

I am happy and honored to finally present my new album Escale. As its title says, this album is a musical journey that differs from my usual musical universe and it was composed in a different way too. Improvisation and instinct taking the place of reflection and hours of doubts that usually inhabit my composition techniques. Thank you to everyone who worked directly or indirectly on this new baby: Damien-Jade Cyr, Olivier Bussières, Didem Basar, Levy Bourbonnais, Jean-Michel Leblanc, Geneviève Leblanc, Antoine Baril, Guy Bergeron, Philip Gosselin and my Analekta record company.

Thank you also to you dear audience to have fun with me in my musical world.

Album release

Put May 13 in your diary because it will be the launch of my next album: Escale. An album that will take you to a completely different musical universe and that will show you a more felt side of my musical palette. It will also be the first album I release with my label Analekta!!! Can't wait to make you hear this trip!!

More details in the concerts section of the site for the launches!!


New single


La cavalerie s'envole

Bass the world



Winter 2022 concerts


jAZZ CAMP 2022

November concerts



What a show!!!!

2021 summer tour


New video

new album




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