My name is Carl Mayotte and I am a 25 year old bassist / composer / arranger, and I’m presenting my new website to you. It is sort of a collection of information about my projects, my career, classes I teach, nice pictures and especially my upcoming concert dates. Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Here is an article for Bass Magasine on my career and my last album Fantosme.


 Link : https://bassmagazine.com/artists/carl-mayotte-to-release-new-album-fantosme?fbclid=IwAR2oRXibSI3zkAv8ehI3Z47-1T00VJa1u5Ut4R-tvoWUcj-4q0INqJXazNI

Really proud to announce that I am now officially a Darkglass artist. Here is a new video we have made together.


If you want a physical copy of Fantosme, my album are now on Bandcamp:


It is with the biggest smile and considerable emotion that I’m announcing today that I’ve been chosen as Radio Canada’s Jazz Revelation of 2020. This price means a lot to me it comes as a pat on the back during those difficult times. 

However, even though it is my name that you will be able to see on the different posts related to this honour, know that there are tons of people without whom this price would not mean anything. I’m thinking of my wonderful musicians, Damien Jade-Cyr, Gabriel Cyr, Francis Grégoire and Stéphane Chamberland, as well as all the other musicians that have crossed my path and made me grow. I also want to thank all the professors that have shared their knowledge and patience with me. High five to Michel Cussion for his dedicated work on the album, as well as Simon Couillard and Alexandre Rebière from Arté Boréal. Ultimately, a gigantic hug to my old friends, you guys are the best, to my girlfriend who’s the best thing for a musician like me, and most of all, to my family, specifically to my brother, my sister and my parents, who’ve done everything to help me make my biggest dreams come true. THANK YOU!!!

New tour with the legendary Michel Cusson and the Carl Mayotte Quintet in october 2020!! Go in concerts section for more informations.

New videoclip

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