My name is Carl Mayotte and I am a 25 year old bassist / composer / arranger, and I’m presenting my new website to you. It is sort of a collection of information about my projects, my career, classes I teach, nice pictures and especially my upcoming concert dates. Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

We will have the chance to play with the great Michel Cusson, of Uzeb, on october 16 2020 in Quebec. If you want to buy tickets here is the link:


New videoclip

We are very proud to announce that we are the big winners of the 2019 Grand Prix de la Relève at the Rimouski Jazz Festival. It's truly a great honor and I promise that there will be incredible things coming our way!!!!! 

Photo credit: Yves Couillard

Good news!!!! You can purchase a physical copy of my new album online now. Here is the link: https://frequencesledisquaire.com/product/musique/cd/cd-cd/cd-mayotte-carl-fantosme/?fbclid=IwAR14R6jj4Ayjs3YY72EEb98mXsYdkeibw_0i1CvKm9WdZj52cCv1PTqO8qo

To listen online:

https://backl.ink/57732756? fbclid = IwAR3qrr3DDZ0Vtr85FVD8J6sYpMtZ8tYcFVLJjVQSNey5V5N-yNQAct2bKwQ

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