pop de ville vol. 1

La cavalerie s'envole

This version of La Cavalerie s'envole is just crazy. This was shot this fall at the Café Culturel de la Chasse-galerie with the great Paul Brochu. I still have chills hearing the epic drum duel and fiery solos !!!!

Thank you to all the people behind this video and we are at this same Café on February 19 in concert !!!

Bass the world

Good news,

The superb Youtube channel BassTheWorld.com shared our live version of Grand Prix. It's always an honor to feature in their videos !!


Another great news !!

I am proud to announce that I will have the chance to work with the record company Analekta for my next albums. It is truly an honor and a pleasure to join this beautiful musical family. In fact, I am announcing today that I will be releasing a new album in the spring of 2022 as well as a little surprise in February.

Stay tuned !!

Photo credit: Olivier Guertin


I am very proud to announce that I have just started a partnership with the company D'Addario and Co .. It must be at least 13 years that I have been playing exclusively with my good old package of Nickel Wound 0.45 to 130, so I have to to say that it is truly an honor to start working with them.

Thanks to D'Addario Canada for the confidence and with that I will go directly to discover new concept in my witchcraft and practice room !!!

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What a show!!!!

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