France Tour

A small tour in France is coming up. It's going to be very enjoyable!

I will be performing as a trio with Léo Puccio and Camille Mouton. We will be playing the music from my latest albums.

More details in the concerts section.

West canadian tour

Hello gang,

I am delighted to announce that we will be embarking on a tour in Western Canada in April. On the agenda: five different cities, concerts, jazz workshops with young people from French-speaking communities, and surprises to be revealed soon. 

It's going to be an incredible adventure, especially with my wonderful team of musicians.

Jazz camp

I am delighted to announce that the Jazz Camp of the St-Alexandre Music Camp is back this year for its 3rd edition. Once again, I will have the opportunity to work with exceptional teachers to promote improvised music and create unique encounters. If you're interested, the event is open to all levels (from beginners to university students) and all ages (starting from 15 years old).

During this stay, we always emphasize the idea of playing music with fellow human beings, whether in a combo or during various jams. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in workshops tailored to their instruments and daily masterclasses.

To register, go to the concert section where you will find all the information you need.

Winter/Springs 2024

A forthcoming season of concerts is just around the corner. If you feel like smiling for 90 minutes, moving your hips to lively music, or even contemplating the meaning of life, don't miss these shows. 

A special shout-out to our special tour of the conservatories in Quebec!!!

More details in the concerts section


With a big smile and a lot of passion, I am thrilled to announce today the release of one of the biggest projects of my career. It's the kind of project that I know will bring positivity and goodness to the entire music community, not just to my band.

In the winter-spring of 2024, we will embark on a journey to perform Carnival music in six conservatories across Quebec with the students from these institutions. During this time, we will also take the opportunity to discuss jazz-improvised music with them.

It's a quite unique opportunity, and to my knowledge, never before seen in Quebec. I believe it carries so many beautiful aspects. It will highlight the talents brewing in these establishments, create bridges between the jazz and classical worlds, allow us to play our music from east to west Quebec, and most importantly, demonstrate that regardless of our age, level, or musical background, music enables us to open ourselves to others.

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