pop de ville vol. 1

2021 summer tour

I am proud to announce that we will be on tour across Quebec with my group this summer. For real it's just unreal to finally be able to tell you gigs in person. There has been a lot of work behind building this series of shows. Thank you to everyone who worked on this and we can't wait to come see you 😊

More details will come in during the summer


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new video

A performance of the bass line for my composition Chasse à l'homme from my last album Pop de Ville Vol.1. Thanks to Clayton Grenier and Mike Stewart from Studio Bardy for the great video. 
It's a little taste for this week's shows. Here is the list: 

-Thursday May 6 live on the web for Festival Vue sur la Relève 
-Friday May 7th in concert with Paul Brochu in Beloeil 
-Saturday May 8 in concert with Paul Brochu in St-Eustache


On May 7th and 8th I will be in concert with the legend of the drums Paul Brochu, who played among others with the famous group UZEB. For more details, go to the Concerts section of the site. During these concerts, you will hear fiery jazz fusion and uzebian surprises.

New video

new album




New videos