pop de ville vol. 1

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new video

A performance of the bass line for my composition Chasse à l'homme from my last album Pop de Ville Vol.1. Thanks to Clayton Grenier and Mike Stewart from Studio Bardy for the great video. 
It's a little taste for this week's shows. Here is the list: 

-Thursday May 6 live on the web for Festival Vue sur la Relève 
-Friday May 7th in concert with Paul Brochu in Beloeil 
-Saturday May 8 in concert with Paul Brochu in St-Eustache


On May 7th and 8th I will be in concert with the legend of the drums Paul Brochu, who played among others with the famous group UZEB. For more details, go to the Concerts section of the site. During these concerts, you will hear fiery jazz fusion and uzebian surprises.

New video

It's been a week now since my new album Pop de Ville Vol.1 was released and I thought you might like to have a video featuring my bass playing on one of the tracks. Here is Cocotte and thanks to Clayton Grenier and Mike Stewart from Studio Bardy for the great video.

I hope that you will be satisfied a little while waiting for the next shows!

new album

This is it!!!

I am happy and moved to finally present POP DE VILLE VOL.1, my new groovy and electric album. We have been working on it for months with my crew and despite a thousand and one adventures, we have succeeded.

Besides, I would like to say thank you to all those who directly or indirectly contributed to the success of this pandemic album. Thank you to my musicians of the late Gabriel Cyr, Damien-Jade Cyr, Francis Grégoire and Stéphane Chamberland, you are my main ones. Thanks to Rémi Cormier, Luc Boivin, Lévy Bourbonnais, Lalle Larsson, Philip Gosselin, Mariève Grondin and Loici Dupuis for all your talent. Thank you to my family, especially to my parents and to my loving half Geneviève Leblanc for your support. Big hugs to Simon Fauteux, Radio-Canada, Yolaine Maudet, Isabelle Aubin, Darkglass and to all those who helped on Go Fund Me for your invaluable help.

Finally, thank you dear audience for being here and listening to my art. By the way, the album is available on all platforms around the world, but I encourage you to go to Bandcamp, because it is still the best way to support an artist online in my opinion.

For physical copies, there are some on Bandcamp or in these record stores:

Québec : CD Mélomane and Knock-Out 

Montréal : L’Oblique 

Saint-Hyacinthe : Fréquences

Rimouski : Audition Musik

 Let's support our local record stores!




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