Sharing my art and my passion with others is one of my greatest pleasures. That's why I have been teaching electric bass both privately and in musical camps for almost 10 years. My goal in teaching is to identify the potential of each student to be able to create a lesson that will fit him/her as much as possible so that he/she develops a sincere passion for music. Lessons can be as relevant to someone who is a beginner as to someone at the university level. Here are some examples of subjects we can look at together: 

-Different techniques and technical exercises to be able to improve yourself or simply start playing the bass;

-Developing your improvisational skills, whether in jazz or other vocabulary; 

-Learning songs for your bands;

-Prepare your auditions for cégeps and universities; 

-Improving your rhythmic sense;

And more. Lessons can also be given via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.



I visit music schools and cégeps to present masterclasses to students. My main goal with these meetings is to get students to think about the best way for them to have an effective practice and to be happy while playing music. I believe that there are many ways to practice and that you have to push people to explore so that they find what’s best for them. The application of several small fun exercises in my daily routine to improve my technique and my sense of rhythm allowed me to quickly develop, as well as several other aspects. I'm looking forward to meet you!